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Beet Smoothies ♥

Beet Smoothie
Pretty in Pink, thanks to beets! 
Today's new smoothie recipes, both starting with beets. The first is an unusual smoothie, just two-ingredients long, with cheek-pink color that would make a peacock blush. The second pairs mango with beets, with no added sugar, just plant-based sweetness.

But stick with me here, okay? Give me 30 seconds to make the case for making a smoothie with beets.
We know that beets have a natural sweetness — hence the garden beet's cousin, the sugar beet, accounts for a third of the world's sugar production. (Source: Wikipedia.)
The first recipe starts with pickled beets — that means that there's sweetness but a welcome note of sharpness, too.

This means that taste-wise, a beet smoothie isn't as outlandish as its admittedly outlandish pink color!

Tastes differ but I gotta tell you, I love beet smoothies. I didn't set out to create a beet smoothie recipe but one day I was out of fruit and wanted a morning smoothie — the Quick Pickled Beets in the refrigerator called to me. So simple! But if you're not ready to go for an all-beet smoothie yet, try the recipe for a Beet and Mango Smoothie!
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