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Farro and Millet Risotto

A good number of you emailed after seeing the profile of me in the May issue of Whole Living Magazine. Crazy, right? It ended up being eight pages(!), and highlighted a bunch of recipes from Super Natural Every Day. I thought I’d tell you a bit about how it came together, and share a few behind-the-scenes shots. On the recipe front, I’m tacking on a recipe for a Farro & Millet Risotto I’ve been making quite a bit lately as we try to close the door on winter this year - the weather hasn’t entirely cooperated. You can use whatever fresh or roasted vegetables you like - asparagus, peas, and herbs are great this time of year. But I was making it with roasted delicata or other little squashes until recently.

Farro Millet Risotto Recipe

So - Whole Living. The story was shot by John Kernick, who I’ve admired from a far for a long time. He shot a lot of memorable feature articles for Gourmet Magazine that I’m sure you remember.

Truth be told, I was a little nervous about hosting a seven-person crew here. As most of you know, our apartment isn’t very large, and I wasn’t sure about how it was going to go down. But, ever onwards. The Whole Living crew based themselves for the better part of three days here - we hung out, cooked, went on little excursions, and took pictures. They were all super mellow, funny, talented, and in the end I was genuinely sad to see them go! Wayne popped off a few photos in the midst of everything, up above. :) I’ll just go on the record as saying, thank god it didn’t rain. The light was nice for most of it and we were even able shoot outside - mid-January. As far as the food was concerned, I’ve always appreciated the recipes featured in Whole Living - they’re, so often, right up my alley. How lucky was I to have food editor Shira Bocar here for the shoot? She has a beautiful touch with food, and I loved seeing her take on my recipes. Hope we get to cook together again soon, Shira. :)

So, thank you John and Darrell, and Jamie, and lovely Lucy. And Lindsay for the article itself. And Rachel, and Maria, and Erika, and Dawn, and Sari, and Alex. Its not everyday one gets to be featured in one of their favorite magazines.

Farro Millet Risotto Recipe

Today’s risotto is winter/spring adaptation, and distant cousin, of the Zucchini and Millet Risotto in the Rose Bakery cookbook - which we’ve been cooking from quite a bit over the past couple of months. It hadn’t occurred to me to use millet in risotto until I tried it here, but it actually lends a nice creamy, porridge-like texture. I use farro or barley instead of rice as the base, and trick it out with whatever looks good at the market. You can do lots of fun things with the leftovers as well - fashion the day-after, cold risotto into arancini and pan-fry them. I even thin leftovers out with broth, add some beans and greens and make a soup of it. Give it a try!

Other news: I hope to see some of you in Portland and Seattle this weekend! It’s going to be a whirlwind, and I’ll be there for a handful of signings. Kim Boyce and I will be at The Cleaners @ The Ace Hotel on Friday night. I’ll also be signing/selling books at The Remodelista Local Seattle Market on Saturday, April 30th, from 11am to 4pm. And later that evening alongside Lara Ferroni at Spare Room. Detailed info about each event is also here.

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