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HMC No. 1: Homemade Sheperd’s Pie

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera to all…

Obcces is on its 12th month this month and by the10th of March this year it will be one year in the internet.  Since obcces went online there were goodcomments and of course bad ones too.  What’smost exciting was getting in the top9 in foodbuzz.com but now foodbuzz don’t dotop9 anymore, so less excitement. As it’s for me, been fun most of the time,getting to get new foodie friends and networking with them and get to shareideas with people around the globe.
For the past three months obcces/I was not as active as itwas before in posting recipes, it’s not because there was nothing to post/writebut I was caught up with few personal things in my professional life that I amnot wanting to share here but I think it is the ups and downs in blogging as Iam not a full time in running this blog.
Now, I am so excited to get obcces moving by adding one newprogram that I called ‘Home Made Cooking’ or ‘HMC’ – which consist of recipes of mycreation or modified and it is aiming for home cooking.  Most of this recipes were requested byreaders and some will be taken from my very own collection recipes.
As I understand that in my professional line of work, I cookall the time which slowly killing my interest to cook at home because I don’thave time for it or I don’t have anyone to cook for, ~kidding~ actually, Idon’t like buying ingredients which in the end will be spoiled because I nevercook them.  Do you believe that I stillhave the fish that I bought for ‘Ginseng Dory Udon’ in my freezer? Youbetter!!! That’s how lazy I am cooking at home. And this has become habit for me, so I am removing this silly habit.
Cooking at home is way different from cooking in therestaurant.  In the restaurant,everything is there, from tiny equipments to the biggest pot, from eggs toBeluga Caviar, so I can just cook anything that comes out from my chef’s brain.While at home, limited equipments and limited ingredients is always the matterof cooking will never be perfect.  Theregoes the idea of having this ‘Home Made Cooking’ project taking place, alsobecause my kitchen is one of those kitchen that lack of equipment, small andold but hey… believe me, when you cook good, no matter how limited is your ingredientor equipments, the out come is the most important things.
I will tried to make as simple as I could to present anydishes in HMC’s post, so that you can try them in your very own kitchen. Anycomment or question you can tag in comment box at the bottom of this post.  You should be lucky if your have a very niceequipped kitchen or may be you can invite me to your house to cook for you…lol..
As my first post for HMC program… let me introduce to you…
obcces home made Sheperd’s Pie 
Not your typical Sheperd’s Pie…this was requested by Izzah – 
When you cooking this your own, make sure you send me 
the picture of your readyto eat pie… ;)
I am using mashed sweet potatoes as topping instead of the typical mashed potatoes and very basic ingredients.  No artificial product used! Now that’s veryimportant in my cooking – always remember, healthy food builds healthy mind!
 Gather you ingredients
Ingredients: serving 4 people
500gm minced beef
2 nos red capsicum (diced)
2 nos carrot (diced)
2 nos onion (sliced)
800 gm fresh tomatoes (peeled)
5 nos shallot (sliced)
2 cups veggie stock
1.2 kg sweet potatoes
2 sticks celery (for stock)
Cooking oil (corn oil)
100gm butter
1 tbsp sugar

Salt and pepper

 Sauteed the beef

First, you got to sauté the beef until brown and strain outthe fats mixed some tarragon, keep stirring to let it cook in balance. At thisstage, season beef with salt and pepper to taste.  Once brown strain out the fats and keep itaside to cool.
Next, you got to make your own tomato sauce, this is my homeversion healthy tomato sauce. You’ll have to peel that tomato by blanching itto make it easy to peel.  The method isto cut out the tomatoes eyes, boiled water to boiling point and blanch them forabout 15 second and let it cool in iced water then it’ll be easier to feelusing a small knife.
Tips: make sure you washed the tomato before blanching asyou are going to use the water to boil sweet potatoes.
Tips too: to save your time at this stage you may put insweet potatoes and cook until soft. Make sure you add more water if the wateris draining.
Homemade whole peeled tomatoes.
 You can use canned one tho but I am not encouraging… ;)

Then heat up a sauce pot and sauté onion and shallot tobrown color. Then add in tomatoes and a cup of veggie stock, let it boiled.  Once boiled, simmer for about 20 to 30minutes. Tomatoes should become soft and easy to crush using spoon. Do not addseasoning. This is a very basic tomato sauce which you can use for othercooking,
Tips: If you are going to cook another dishes that usingtomato sauce, add more quantity of tomatoes and stocks. Sauce you can keep inrefrigerator up to 3 days.
Simmering process, tomatoes already soft
While waiting for tomato sauce to be ready (duringsimmering), heat another sauce pot and caramelized diced capsicum and carrot.Add the beef in, let them blend, keep stirring and control fire when needed.Add in tomato sauce. –see picture below.
Pics from top to bottom: diced 
capsicum and carrot,caramelized and 
beef added, tomato sauce added.
At this stage, then you can add seasoning: salt and pepperto taste and sugar. Low fire and let it simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes, adda little veggie stock if its too dry.
Tips: Add some more tarragon. Do not add too much sugar assweet potatoes already has sweetness.
Tips too: the beef sauce shouldn’t be watery, it should tobe thickened.
At this stage your sweet potatoes must be cooked already,then put them in the bowl and start mashing them, add butter and stir withwooden spoon.
Once the beef ready, pour in to your casserole and flattenedusing spatula.  Spread mashed sweetpotatoes for topping.  At 180’C oven,bake your pie for about 40 minutes.
 Flattened in casserole…
Tips: I used end of fork to make spiral line shape on top ofthe potatoes before entering the oven.
And then, it’s done…
 Half gone…
This dish is good to be served in family dinner or partygathering.
Veggie stock…
Use trimming (carrots and capsicum), onion (cut quarter),shallot (cut half) and celery (chunk). Boil in 2 liter water, once boiledsimmer let it simmer not more then 30 minute.
Tips: veggie stock can be chilled in refrigerator until 3days, you might need it for making soups.
I wish you good luck trying and always remember… eat healthyfood… ;)
Regards, Chef Nash

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