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Hug A Ghost Today……If You Can

I am certainly no expert on ghosts unless of course you are referring to Casper the friendly ghost the friendliest ghost I know. Casper is so darn friendly I am sure the rest of you know him as well! As friendly as he is though, you just can’t touch him. It’s like trying to hug air or nail jell-o to a tree. If you go by the stuff you see on TV or read in books it really seems like the majority of the ghost population is pretty much untouchable. As humans it is said that lack of touch tends to shorten ones life but apparently in the case of ghosts, lack of touch has no effect on that; “Roam the earth for all eternity thing”! Sad really, I am sure that they would like to shorten the amount of time that they have to do that for……oh well! As a sign of compassion for all those untouchable ghosts out there I will create this post in their honor.
It sure takes a heck of a lot of balls to roam the earth for all eternity without ever getting a handshake or a hug or any kind of touch at all.

Ghost Balls

1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 lg. box of Rice Krispies
1-1/2 bags of the large marshmallows
1 cup of butter (2 sticks)
60 Kraft caramels

 Melt butter and caramels with milk in a double boiler or on low heat in a sauce pan. When completely melted, dip marshmallows one at a time in caramel mixture then roll into Rice Krispies.

 Place on waxed paper to cool, keep in air tight container.