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La Cuisine Lyonnaise - Rognons d’Agneau à la Moutarde

This morning while out stocking up on the good eggs for a class on French sauces with the children, I saw the girl who smokes the bacon and she had, in addition to her regular lamb cuts, very attractively priced rognons d'agneau or lamb kidneys for one euro each.  Knowing that Loic ... more
By LucysKitchenNotebook over 2 ago

Spicy Grilled Peppers

After one cheese stuffed peppers recipe, another :) This one is a lot spicier though. Inspired by Peter’s Mantza recipe, it’s a great, and for me a new way of serving roasted peppers. This is good choice of appetizer for evenings with friends, especially loud boys watching a game or something – you just ... more
By Palachinka over 2 ago

Cumberland Sauce – It Only Sounds Stuffy

I’ve always wondered why Cumberland sauce wasn’t more popular around the holidays. It’s such a delicious and versatile condiment, and just as easy and fast to make as any cranberry sauce out there.  Maybe it’s the name? Cumberland sauce sounds more like something that the Queen would be spooning over a Quail en Croute than it ... more
By Foodwishes over 2 ago

Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup

What a week this has been!  As I sit here on my desk I can barely manage to keep my eyes open and my shoulders from drooping with fatigue.  I won’t go into the gritty details here, because really, who wants to hear about that?  Work ... more
By 80Breakfasts over 2 ago

Smoky Roasted Oyster Mushrooms

Do you believe in signs?  That the universe speaks to us in certain ways and we must make sure that we take the time to stop and listen?  That when we listen to what is truly in our hearts and take action, no matter how small ... more
By 80Breakfasts over 2 ago

Farewell to Summer with Nasturtium Butter

Nasturtium ButterThroughout the summer months and into early fall nasturtiums are bursting out all over my garden. And while I enjoy soaking up their wild, untamed beauty, I enjoy eating them too. They turn a green salad from ordinary to beautiful plus they pack a nutritious punch since they are loaded with Vitamin C. ... more
By MoreThanBurntToast over 2 ago

Eggplant Relish

15 lbs of homegrown produce! Harvest season is here! This has been our best gardening year yet. I owe it all to our bunnies actually. It was their little pellets, collected through the winter which has made our plants produce like crazy. Between that and the warmer, drier temperatures this ... more
By LeftoverQueen over 2 ago

Mediterranean Eggplant and Barley Salad

Why hello. Long time, no see, my friend. I've been quite quiet over here, but that's mainly due to the fact that I don't have as much of a sweet tooth as I once had. In fact, the only times I bake these days are for special occasions. And instead of trying out ... more
By SouthinYourMouth over 2 ago

Finnish mince and cabbage gratin

You've already got the recipe for the Estonian cabbage and mince stew (recommended!), here's a Finnish version that's similar, yet totally different. Whereas Estonians like their mince and cabbage ... more
By NamiNami over 2 ago

Faux Bulgogi

Fate.  Do youbelieve?  Chance occurrences that tug usthis way and that, seemingly random and without objective, but ultimately witha purpose we could not have even guessed. A tricky subject, fate.  Do we relinquishall control to it?  Or dowe take our free will firmly in hand, never ... more
By 80Breakfasts over 3 years ago

Sticky Sweet and Sour Peppers

This recipe is one of those I always keep handy in my little head of culinary delights for when a vegetable accompaniment for anything is required and time is against me. As long as you have some peppers, garlic and a few store cupboard ingredients, you can have some delicious sticky sweet and sour ... more
By DavidHall over 3 years ago

Chicken Ginger Dumplings

Once I tried making my own dumplings, I knew I wanted to do it again. And again. It's so tasty, and really, easier than you might think. Sure, rolling out the dough is a bit of a hassle, but I'm well prepared for next time: I bought ... more
By AnnesFood over 3 years ago

Breakfast #46: Steel Cut Oats with Muscovado Glazed Bacon

I haven’t shared any breakfast here in a while…shame on me. After all, this blog is named after breakfast, and I did make a resolution to post more of them. So far, relatively speaking (and that is relative to my own historic ... more
By 80Breakfasts over 3 years ago

Shortcut Butternut Squash Soup

It’s over. It’s actually over. October come back I miss you! I don’t want to take down all my Halloween decorations yet.Sigh… Well at least I have yummy soup.Shortcut Butternut Squash SoupCan’t find canned butternut squash? This soup works equally well with ... more
By TheCookingPhotographer over 3 years ago

Chicken Noodle Soup

There are many ways to make chicken noodle soup, but I tend to prefer this method. Maybe because I like my soup vegetables the same texture as the noodles, but more honestly it’s probably because I’m lazy and this is a less fussy process.The vegetables ... more
By TheCookingPhotographer over 3 years ago

Cheesesteak Sliders

You will need a lot of napkins and drinks for this fabulous Cheesesteak Sliders. This is the perfect meal to make when you are craving for something meaty and cheesy! The list of ingredients might look long; but, rest assured it's a very simple meal ... more
By Seasaltwithfood over 3 years ago

Take The Healthy Thanksgiving Challenge and Get a Healthy Holiday Recipe

It's here. The holiday season. That joyous time of year when you suddenly experience murderous feelings in the mall parking lot, when you send Christmas cards to people you're not even sure you know, and when you're constantly struggling between whether to have that ... more
By FoodBlogga over 3 years ago

K.I.S.S. Turkey

After being inspired by watching dozens of celebrity chefs' favorite turkey techniques over the last few days, I decided to show a turkey being prepared using none of them. This goes out to all you terrified first timers whose heads are probably spinning with cryptic visions of brining, rubbing, marinating, injecting, smoking, and frying. ... more
By Foodwishes over 3 years ago

BBQ Beef Rib Rubs

Kansas City Rib Rub In Kansas City they know BBQ ribs. This is the barbecue rub recipe for traditional Kansas City-Style Ribs. Finish these ribs off with a good barbecue sauce and you'll have a fantastic meal. Prep Time: 10 minutes Total Time: 10 minutes Yield: Makes a little more than 1 cup Ingredients: 1/2 ... more
By admin over 3 years ago

oot-Fray oops-Lay

I picked up some cachaça the other day, although it's not calling itself cachaça. It's calling itself "Rum Toucano," but as it's not a rhum Agricole, and it's made from sugarcane instead of molasses, I'm calling it a cachaça. And so I decided to try it in a rather experimental way.While perusing the recipes page for Bittermens ... more
By UrbaneNotCosmopolitan over 3 years ago

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@mcwthebutcher Or KFC it up with paprika, oregano, garlic, some black pepper, a ton of MSG, hint of onion. view
Good morning lovies: toast with butter and fresh ground black pepper, hard boiled eggs, coffee & orange juice. Yummy! view
Sooo pleased it's lunch time...starving, mackerel spinach rice onions avocado sweet chilli and cracked black pepper view
@EpohIreti they all sound so gorgeous but I think I would choose black pepper & vanilla as I have never come across that blend before x view
When you're just casually making yourself lunch and then get black pepper in your eye... #wtf #ow view
Bourbon BBQ pulled pork, peppered bacon, black dog slaw, cheddar cheese. SOUP: Stuffed Bell Pepper view
@FoodNetwork Black pepper view
@BornRealNoLie @KizzMyDimplezz lmfao. On god. Da baconator wit baked potatoe. Sour cream. Ketchup. Shredded cheese. Black pepper. Bacon bits view
@Success___ sazon or adobe or both lol and black pepper view
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When peaches are your passion, peach recipes help keep that love burning. "The Perfect Peach" by David Mas,... view
Make: 9 Healthy Recipes from Be Well Boot Camp view
Make: 9 Healthy Recipes from Be Well Boot Camp view
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Writing out healthy recipes.. Who am I? view
RT @gf_froggie: Hey, anyone know of a gluten, corn, egg, dairy, nut free muffin mix? #foodallergy (I need a mix, not a recipe) view
giving this bacon chicken roasted recipe from @Allrecipes a whirl. Some adjusting for ingredients on hand. Wish me luck! view
@HPhenice not like in the stores or anything, but there's a recipe to make em.. I just don't know it though lol view