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Recipe for Roasted Green Bell Pepper and Roasted Tomato Breakfast Casserole with Feta and Oregano

This is another one of those recipes that happened when I was just making something to eat, and then it turned out so well I decided to make it again and take photos for the blog. It was inspired by one of those big plastic containers of cherry tomatoes from Costco. It seems I can rarely manage to ... more
By KalynsKitchen over 3 years ago

Cupcake Queen Makes the Washington Post’s Reliable Source!

From the Washington Post Reliable Source: ..."The shop has a devoted following, and its Chocolate Ganache cupcake won The Washington Post's Cupcake War in 2008. But not everyone is a fan. "I've been to their store three times and I think their cupcakes are good, but I didn't feel like they're fantastic," said Linda Martin, author of the local 52 ... more
By 52cupcakes over 3 years ago

Too hot!

We are having a heatwave, and I'm just too tired to blog properly! Back soon!© Anne's Food, all rights reserved. more
By AnnesFood over 3 years ago

A Letter to my Twenty-something Self

Cassie Boorn is a twenty-two year old with a bright idea. Realizing how confusing the twenties can be, she reached out to women she knew who had managed to navigate that phase of their life and asked them to write a letter back ... more
By teaandcookies over 3 years ago

Calendario Desktop Luglio 2010

Con un giorno di ritardo ma anche questo mese Food~0~grafia vi offre il suo calendario desktop, cioè uno sfondo per lo schermo del vostro computer con una foto di food e il calendario del mese in corso. Il soggetto è un ... more
By Food0grafia over 3 years ago

Insalata di Patate Novelle alla Digionese

Il sapore di Francia in una ricetta semplice, veloce da preparare e totalmente vegetariana. Cosa c'è di meglio per un pranzo di estate? Ho avuto l'idea di preparare questa ricetta, in realtà piuttosto comune, leggendo Martha Stewart Everyday Food e appena l'ho assaggiata me ne sono innamorato ... more
By Food0grafia over 3 years ago

Recipe for Spicy Shredded Carrot Salad with Mint, Cilantro, Green Onion, Lime, and Jalapeno

My definition of salad has changed a lot in the time I've been focused on low-glycemic cooking and sharing the recipes on this blog. Although I still love classics like Perfect Taco Salad or Greek Salad, nowdays I've greatly expanded my mental list of salad possibilities. A few years ago I tried Carrot and Parsley Salad, and then ... more
By KalynsKitchen over 3 years ago

New Photography Website

Exciting.I have been working on my photography website with my web designer/developer (my sister) remotely for over a year. There's a lot of work behind what makes a website a website; a blog is easy, it's a template that's already there. A website is a bit trickier, it's built from a white page. No way in hell could ... more
By TheSaltyCod over 3 years ago

13 Months Later…

I have an exciting announcement to make!! Yesterday, I put my two weeks in at Target because I accepted a job as a multimedia developer!! Yay I get to put my degree and video skills to use!! As you can imagine, these next few weeks are going to be crazy between finishing up at Target, packing, finding an apartment, and ... more
By ChocolateMoosey over 3 years ago

Recipe for Frittata with Canadian Bacon, Green Onions, and Cheese

The first time I made this frittata with Canadian bacon, green onions, and cheese, I was just making something for breakfast and not necessarily planning to post it on the blog. After I had eaten some though, I liked this flavor combination so much, I made it again and took photos. Canadian bacon is lean, tasty, and ... more
By KalynsKitchen over 3 years ago

Crema di Ricotta con Fragole

Lo confesso. Questa ricetta non è del tutto dietetica anche se è molto a più basso contenuto di grassi rispetto alle solite creme, ma almeno potete stare lontano dai fornelli comunque godendovi un ottimo dessert. Ingredienti (per 2 persone) 250 gr. ricotta fresca 250 gr. di fragole mature... more
By Food0grafia over 3 years ago

Insalata di Scarola con Ricotta e Composta di Scalogno

Può una ricetta sana e dietetica essere gustosa e veloce da preparare? Con questa insalata è possibile avere un pasto singolo veloce con un basso contenuto di grassi che è perfetto per queste calde giornate estive, provatela! Gli ultimi 20 giorni ho trascurato un po' il mio ... more
By Food0grafia over 3 years ago

Tuesdays With Dorie - White Chocolate Brownies

So I'm sitting at my kitchen table yesterday morning and decided "hey I should prob look up the latest TwD challenges, especially since today is Tuesday." I realized yesterday's challenge was white chocolate brownies and knew if I ran out to the store, I could make them in the evening. Plus I had ... more
By ChocolateMoosey over 3 years ago

New Website Coming Soon!

Sincere apologies to anybody that reads my Blog and uttered the words, 'David doesn't post much these days.'It has been a disruptive year to my 'other job' as a food writer to say the least because of things that are far too boring to go into. So I won't. What I will tell you is that ... more
By DavidHall over 3 years ago

Nourished Kitchen E-course – Commit to REAL FOOD TODAY!

(photos courtesy of Nourished Kitchen) There is still a few more days to sign up for the Nourished Kitchen e-course! If you ever wanted to learn how to make your own cheese, yogurt or soft drinks at home, this is the course for you! If you want to learn how to ... more
By LeftoverQueen over 3 years ago

How To Make Fresh Pasta (for Karen)

I don’t really know Karen Walron, the lovely author of the blog Chookooloonks. We've never met, but I put her firmly in the category of “People I think I’d be friends with if we ever ended up in the same room.” I’ve been inspired by ... more
By teaandcookies over 3 years ago

Bouyiourdi the Real Melting Pot

 BouyiourdiMore than three years ago I decided to take the plunge and start my own blog. Throughout the years I have come to know many of you through your own blogs, through e-mails and have even been lucky enough to meet some of you in person. One thing is clear we all ... more
By MoreThanBurntToast over 3 years ago

Insalata di Pollo alla "Italiana"

Sana e gustosa, veloce e fresca, questa ricetta di insalata di pollo è perfetta per le vostre prossime cene d'estate. Devo prima di tutto scusarmi per la mancanza di nuovi post ma sono stato piuttosto impegnato negli ultimi giorni: finire di preparare il mio nuovo studio fotografico e allestire una ... more
By Food0grafia over 3 years ago

Ingredienti: Forme e Colori

Sinceramente odio le celebrazioni, le autocelebrazioni poi mi fan venire l'orticaria. Mettiamola quindi in questo modo: lunedì prossimo, 10 maggio, vi aspetto tutti per uno spuntino e una bevuta in amicizia e allegria dalle 18 alle 21 a Milano, presso il ... more
By Food0grafia over 3 years ago

Brioche Makes My Blog Look Good!

   It does! It’s not what I think but the grand judges who were judging the April 2010 edition of DMBLGIT thought and they awarded the above photo as the first overall winner. Overall winning photographs achieve the highest scores from all three categories - edibility,... [Read the rest of this post on my website]... more
By WhatsForLunchHoney over 3 years ago

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