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Egg-citing Hotel Chocolat Competition

It has to be said that I am partial to a bit of chocolate. I'm a bit funny about chocolate though. Quite particular. Until very recently, I have to confess that I was a 'cheap chocolate' sort of a girl. I was unimpressed by ... more
By FoodGloriusFood over 3 years ago

Edible gifts

I made a lot of candy and cookies for the holidays, and gave as gifts. Caramels and candy usually gets wrapped individually and tied, then stuck in a small cellophane bag. My favorite ideas this year was cookie holders made from Pringle (potato chips) tubes though - ... more
By AnnesFood over 3 years ago

Martha Stewart’s Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcakes #13

For those of you in the know: This is my 13th cupcake in my 175 Martha Stewart Cupcake ideas self challenge. According to Martha Stewart: "Salted caramel's, including chocolate varieties, have become quite popular in recent years; a touch of salt draws out caramel's buttery taste and highlights the sweetness. This cupcake created with the candy's ... more
By 52cupcakes over 3 years ago

Review - Mix My Granola

A big thanks to Raoul and his Mix My Granola team for letting me try their granola and for being patient as I get this review up! This past few weeks have been extremely busy with me finishing up school and going on vacation. I am still unpacking a little from moving back home, but at least now ... more
By ChocolateMoosey over 3 years ago

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Thanks Rasyid (: Finally I get to eat this Garrett Caramels Corn ♥ view
RT @Brentweets: My life is like a box of chocolates with the caramels removed. view
@Caramels_24 Lies ** i never turned my back on you and i never will **** view
Les bras de vanessa Cst des caramels Wsh.. #LesAnges5 view
cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet caramels view
@PadrelaJeremy @la_leize @mikelsarriquet @saspi7 @lukous @xtbeunebesnard Se réveille avec l'envie de mettre de caramels!! view
@OlariaAngel ur not allowed bleach anyway lol were just look at the dark blondes an mid blonde and caramels for u cos mum wants it darker xx view
Dem redbones & caramels>>>> view
Je voulais acheter mes BHBs mais la paresse. Je vais manger des caramels a la place ! view
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RT @So_Bootylicious: Cooking up a storm with mna babes @Hii_Im_Highh & Kesha! Large Up Ma Wife Pan Her 20th Bday♥ Thanks For Making My Day! view
RT @halmick7: I wonder what evil scandal the Republigluttons are cooking up today???!!! 2014 is coming soon and they have nothing to campa… view
I wasted all of my energy cooking what i was looking forward to eating & cant taste any of it ** view
RT @jbieberprecious: "what are you doing baby?" "i'm cooking for you, well at least i trie- hey no pictures" *giggles*… view
When peaches are your passion, peach recipes help keep that love burning. "The Perfect Peach" by David Mas,... view
Make: 9 Healthy Recipes from Be Well Boot Camp view
Make: 9 Healthy Recipes from Be Well Boot Camp view
RT @FoodNetwork: WATCH: Food Network Kitchens prepare three simple and delicious recipes with Chia seeds . view
Writing out healthy recipes.. Who am I? view
RT @gf_froggie: Hey, anyone know of a gluten, corn, egg, dairy, nut free muffin mix? #foodallergy (I need a mix, not a recipe) view
giving this bacon chicken roasted recipe from @Allrecipes a whirl. Some adjusting for ingredients on hand. Wish me luck! view
@HPhenice not like in the stores or anything, but there's a recipe to make em.. I just don't know it though lol view