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Peach Cobbler For Cookin’ With The Deens

  This week's recipe for Cookin' With The Deens was Peach Cobbler.  I chose the recipe this ... more
By AlwayzBakin over 1 year ago

Fresh Apple Coffee Cake with Bourbon Apple Glaze

If you would have asked me last year if I preferred baking or cooking, I would have absolutely said cooking. Hands down. I can probably count on one hand the things I've baked in the past year, with the exception of the past few weeks. For some reason, this past month has been different. I got bit by the bread ... more
By 28Cooks over 2 ago

Sweet Bacon Bites Are the Perfect No-Brainer for Your Brunch or Cocktail Party

Sweet Bacon Bites, packing an umami punch, highlight one of our favorite taste combinations: sweet and salty.The ongoing trend of adding bacon to just about everything doesn’t seem to have peaked, but rather continues to pique the imaginations of chefs and home cooks all around the globe. For years, we eschewed bacon ... more
By CocktailBuzz over 2 ago

The New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe for chocolate chip cookies, posted by The New York Times in 2009, has taken many food blogs by storm. Not a traditional chocolate chip cookie at all, the recipe uses a combination of bread and cake flours to achieve a chewy, yet delicate texture. The dough is packed full of ... more
By BrownEyedBaker over 2 ago

Merry mincemeat morsels

As aged and commensurately cynical as I am, I do love a spot of Christmas. But preferably not starting until about, oh, Christmas Eve.However, there is one festive frippery I'll happily indulge in before the Christmas holiday period, and that's mince ... more
By AForkfulOfSpaghetti over 3 years ago

Sweet and Spicy Mixed Nuts

I have been wanting to make a homemade version of spiced nuts for more than a few years now. My mom loves nuts, especially cashews, and for a long time I would stop at a kiosk at the mall and buy the cinnamon-dusted almonds and cashews to put in her stocking. The ... more
By BrownEyedBaker over 3 years ago

Baked French Toast Casserole with Praline Topping

There is perhaps no better occasion for an off-the-charts, blowout breakfast feast than Christmas morning. You’ve spent weeks decorating, making lists, buying gifts and wrapping. And in a flash, much like the letdown after waiting an hour in line to ride a 2-minute roller coaster, it’s over. The gifts have been opened ... more
By BrownEyedBaker over 3 years ago

La Brea Bakery Bran Muffins

La Brea Bakery Bran MuffinsThe kids are coming for a visit from Vancouver this coming weekend. Since I will be working both Friday and Saturday I needed to have a few snacks in the freezer. Barbara of Moveable Feasts ... more
By MoreThanBurntToast over 3 years ago

Blackberry Pecan Streusel Cake

I'm in the middle of some serious procrastination. I have sharpend my pencils, sorted my e-mail inbox and even my junk mail folder, made various cups of tea and wasted precious time just watching some tarpaulin blowing in the wind outside my office window. I still have no inclination to finish the reports I need to have done for this ... more
By APotofTeaandaBiscuit over 3 years ago

Banana Bread With Chocolate Chips

Here's my family's favorite Banana Bread. I'd like to share this quick and easy recipe with you this evening. The bread tastes so good as it also contains a small splash of rum and lots of melted chocolate chips in it. Yummy!... more
By Seasaltwithfood over 3 years ago

Welcome to the "Summer of Amena," and Her Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies!

The public has spoken, or at least the portion of the public that subscribes to me on YouTube and voted in our "Summer of You" contest. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can check out this ... more
By Foodwishes over 3 years ago

Momofuku’s Shortcakes

This is a sweet and salty Strawberry shortcakes recipe that I had adapted from the Momofuku’s cookbook. I just did a minor tweak to the recipe. I used 1 tsp instead of 1 Tbsp of salt to the mixture. A ... more
By Seasaltwithfood over 3 years ago

Lighter General Tso Chicken

I have had this recipe bookmarked for quite some time now (over a year, really). I had almost forgotten about it until last week when I was planning meals and totally out of ideas. Scrolling through my reader I found this recipe and put it on the list. I'm so glad I did because this recipe is super simple ... more
By GoodThingsCatered over 3 years ago

Sharon’s Sweet Banana Whoopie Pies

A good friend of mine shared this recipe with raving reviews. Loving banana flavor and happy to try it, I was eager, but not sure what to expect. I was more than pleasantly surprised to concur with her reviews and love these cookies. The cookies themselves are soft, fluffy and just delicious. Sweet little pillows of soft and delicious banana ... more
By GoodThingsCatered over 3 years ago

Orange Creamsicle Cookies

I was looking around for a little weekly cookie inspiration and found it in these orange creamsicle cookies on Susi’s blog, Kochen und Backen Adventures. I thought they would be cute as mini cookies, and used a mini scoop. Thanks Susi!Orange Creamsicle Cookies ... more
By TheCookingPhotographer over 3 years ago

Pecan Sandies

Pecan sandies are one of those recipes that seem to flitter off to the back of my mind. So simple, so easy, so rich and flavorful, that it’s a wonder I’m not whipping them up once a week! These cookies have the consistency of ... more
By BrownEyedBaker over 3 years ago

Pork Ribs In Ancho Chiles Adobo-Costillitas Al Adobo De Chile Ancho

This is Pork Ribs In Ancho Chiles Adobo. Well actually, it’s a Mulato Chiles recipe; but, I had to substitute it with Ancho Chiles as I was unable to buy any Mulato Chiles in Vancouver. Anyway, I think most of ... more
By Seasaltwithfood over 3 years ago

American dreams: chocolate pecan pie

pecan pie goodness ready to go into the ovenBack in the rose-tinted hazy mists of time, when I was barely taller than a grasshopper's knee and CHiPS (or rather, Erik Estrada) was the hottest thing on telly, ... more
By AForkfulOfSpaghetti over 3 years ago

Nasi Lemak With Dried Anchovies Sambal (Sambal Ikan Bilis)

Nasi Lemak is probably the most popular dish in Malaysia. Traditionally, it’s served as a quick hearty breakfast meal; but, these days it’s available everywhere, round the clock at many restaurants and hawker centers! Nasi Lemak or Coconut infused rice ... more
By Seasaltwithfood over 3 years ago

Saving the Earth with a Compost Cookie Bar?

composta/compostNot this one...but its a fun thought!There is a lot going on this week. Besides taking care of some personal things like doctor appointments, lawyers, and the continuous tweaking of the dessert menu for a dinner service that is supposed to start Friday, there is ... more
By Melecotte over 3 years ago

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