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How to Cook Artichokes in the Microwave ♥

Today's vegetable recipe: Fresh whole artichokes cooked in the microwave. Dead easy. Quick. Low carb. Weight Watchers 1 point. ~recipe & photo updated 2012, republished 2013~ ~more recently updated recipes~ ORIGINAL 2008 POST So the Year 2008 will go down as the Year Alanna ... more
By AVeggieVenture over 1 year ago

Chocolate-Covered Frozen Bananas

Chocolate-Covered Frozen Bananas Ingredients 2 Bananas, halved 4 Popsicle Sticks 80 grams Bittersweet or Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
 Chopped Almond or Peanuts, or Rainbow Jimmies, spread on a plate Wax or Parchment Paper Method
 Insert one popsicle stick about half way into each half of banana. Then peel the ... more
By Seasaltwithfood over 1 year ago

Capturing Fall

Post-holiday Mondays are such an effort (what do you mean I don’t get to sleep in and have pie for breakfast?). For those of you who have been celebrating, welcome back. And for those who don’t indulge in American Thanksgiving (indulge being the operative word), I hope you have been enjoying ... more
By teaandcookies over 2 ago

Mighty Perfect Cabbage & Broccoli Coleslaw ♥ Recipe

Today's healthy coleslaw recipe, a mix of colorful fresh cabbage and broccoli, cooked a little - just a little - in the microwave before adding a low-calorie vinaigrette. It's a slaw recipe with ambition, eager to please. Pretty green broccoli slaw? Yep. Low carb slaw? You bet! Weight Watchers-friendly ... more
By AVeggieVenture over 2 ago

DIY Dried Herbs ♥ (How to Dry Fresh Herbs in the Microwave)

Fresh Dried Herbs (Except Far Right) Today's DIY Kitchen Tip: How to Turn Fresh Herbs into Dried Herbs. Does that make them Fresh-Dried Herbs? I think so! It takes just a minute or two in the microwave and once dried, the fresh herbs (wait, now they are dried herbs) are still ... more
By AVeggieVenture over 3 years ago

Roasted Delicata Squash ♥

The very easiest winter squash to cook, the delicata, here oven-roasted in pretty little half rings. Say hello to my very favorite "easy weeknight vegetable" -- at least during the fall and winter. It's the delicata squash, see those two long-ish squash in the background of the photo? Those are delicata squash. ... more
By AVeggieVenture over 3 years ago

Chocolate Chunk Pecan Cookies

I baked to put a smile one somebody's face. I think it worked.Chocolate Chunk Pecan Cookies (makes 12 large cookies) ... more
By APotofTeaandaBiscuit over 3 years ago

Last Chance Snack Mix

I'm sorry, but I need to share my pain for a minute. Near Halloween I get a certain little song stuck in my brain for days and days on end and I think it might be making me crazy. It starts softly ... more
By TheCookingPhotographer over 3 years ago

Fusion baby food: miso mashed potatoes

Miso is one of the things that´s always sitting in my fridge. Usually to be used as a soup base when I´m making Japanese-y noodle soups, and as a quick marinade for fish, but also to kick up a panful of mushrooms, or anything ... more
By lobstersquad over 3 years ago

Oatmeal with peanut butter, and on breakfast cereal compromises

First I complain that I don't post nearly as many breakfast recipes as I should and then I post two in a row!!! Again, this is one of ... more
By NamiNami over 3 years ago

Chex Muddy Buddies

First you have to measure the cereal.Next you have to combine the chocolate chips, butter andpeanut butter and ... more
By AlwayzBakin over 3 years ago

The Surprising and Unexpected Redemption of Spaghetti Squash

It’s not the spaghetti squash’s fault that for years I’ve hated it—it was a case of mistaken identity. As a young child, when my mom said we were having spaghetti squash for dinner, I imagined a vegetable that, when cut open, ... more
By teaandcookies over 3 years ago

Rolled Sugar Cookies

Breath. Are you ready for this? It’s time to prepare for Hanuxmasnyearkwanzavtines Day again.  And no matter what you celebrate you need an irresistible rolled sugar cookie dough, and this is it!At first this dough scared me. I thought it was too soft of a mess to ever work, but something ... more
By TheCookingPhotographer over 3 years ago

B.L.T. Pasta

... more
By AlwayzBakin over 3 years ago

Chocolate Witch Hats

Sick of seeing all these cute cookies that are so hard to decorate? Well you are in luck! You can make the cutest Halloween cookies on the block with very little effort. Three components, one piping bag and some cute ribbon to wrap the bags and you have treats for everyone. And a chocolate treat is the best kind.... more
By GoodThingsCatered over 3 years ago

Twice Baked Indian Stuffed PotatoesIt's rainy and dreary and cold outside here on the Eastern seaboard, which is an immediate signal to make something hot and comforting. I am also a few hours post-root canal, so the only things I really want to eat are soft and comforting things.Potatoes are like the quintessential cold weather food. ... more
By 28Cooks over 3 years ago

Martha Stewart’s Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcakes #13

For those of you in the know: This is my 13th cupcake in my 175 Martha Stewart Cupcake ideas self challenge. According to Martha Stewart: "Salted caramel's, including chocolate varieties, have become quite popular in recent years; a touch of salt draws out caramel's buttery taste and highlights the sweetness. This cupcake created with the candy's ... more
By 52cupcakes over 3 years ago

The Dark Side Of Nutrition

For a delicious treat that is high in nutrients and antioxidants we'll have to travel to the dark side. No, we are not meeting Darth Vadar for lunch although eating these might just lighten him up a bit. I guess ... more
By Noshtalgia over 3 years ago

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Make: 9 Healthy Recipes from Be Well Boot Camp view
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