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Boozy Banana Bread

If you are anything like me, you will occasionally find some rather yucky sad looking bananas in your kitchen or your fruit bowl or wherever you keep your bananas. I mean the ones that aren't even really freckled any longer, but are turning a monochrome brown. I used to just throw bananas in the freezer before they got to that ... more
By APotofTeaandaBiscuit over 2 ago

La Brea Bakery Bran Muffins

La Brea Bakery Bran MuffinsThe kids are coming for a visit from Vancouver this coming weekend. Since I will be working both Friday and Saturday I needed to have a few snacks in the freezer. Barbara of Moveable Feasts ... more
By MoreThanBurntToast over 3 years ago

Almond Biscotti

When I was asked a few weeks ago if I wanted to review a copy of Stacy Adimando's 'The Cookiepedia' I didn't really have to think twice before saying 'yes, please'. If you like cookies, or biscuits as they are called in the UK, you will like this book. Nothing but biscuit recipes, from the simple to the fancy ... more
By APotofTeaandaBiscuit over 3 years ago

Banana Bread

When I'm not blogging, which is most of the time these days, I'm an artist (and lecturer, for my sins) and one of the things I do is make artist's books. So, to refresh and improve some of my skills and knowledge and just to carve out some time to think about new ideas and talk to other people I ... more
By APotofTeaandaBiscuit over 3 years ago

No-apology chocolate cake

It hasn’t escaped my notice that I seem to post rather a lot about chocolate and cakes, and often both at the same time. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. World peace could probably be achieved if only there ... more
By AForkfulOfSpaghetti over 3 years ago

Lemony Raspberry Muffins and Hungry Days

There are days when you shouldn't bake. Not because it's too humid or because you're running low on flour, but because you're too hungry. I had one of those days recently. The day I ... more
By FoodBlogga over 3 years ago

Sweet Lemon Rhubarb Bundt Cake

A perfectly simple dessert for the season, this sweet lemon rhubarb cake is sure to please even the rhubarb-weary. The sweet and soft lemon cake holds the soft and fruity rhubarb pieces like a pillow while the flavors play perfectly with one another. No rhubarb? No problem. Substitute large pieces of strawberry or whole blueberries and this cake is equally ... more
By GoodThingsCatered over 3 years ago

Sharon’s Sweet Banana Whoopie Pies

A good friend of mine shared this recipe with raving reviews. Loving banana flavor and happy to try it, I was eager, but not sure what to expect. I was more than pleasantly surprised to concur with her reviews and love these cookies. The cookies themselves are soft, fluffy and just delicious. Sweet little pillows of soft and delicious banana ... more
By GoodThingsCatered over 3 years ago

Honey-Vanilla Sour Cream Pound Cake {Last Chance to Win $300!}

This is the third and final recipe on the menu that I created for the recipe contest on Kraft’s Breakstone’s sour cream microsite (the appetizer on the menu is the Cucumber-Tomato Bruschetta in Phyllo Cups and the ... more
By BrownEyedBaker over 3 years ago

Coconut Macadamia Cupcakes

dolce al cocco/coconut cake... more
By Melecotte over 3 years ago

Eating For The Fun Of It!

Sometimes food should just be fun, carnival fun, food on a stick fun, fried ooey gooey fun. Hopefully leaving behind no regrets, nothing more than a full stomach and a sticky lipped smile. Save sensible for the remaining eighty percent of the week or ninety percent if you have to be really, really careful. Sure sensible foods can be ... more
By Noshtalgia over 3 years ago

Banana Chocolate Chip Cake

Full of banana flavor and studded with warm chocolate, this cake is as delicious as it is simple. A perfect casual dessert for a simple dinner, lunch or brunch, this cake needs no extra decoration. Although, double the recipe into two cake layers, add some delicious buttercream frosting and you have a fun cake for your next celebration. ... more
By GoodThingsCatered over 3 years ago

Fennel Cupcakes w/ Candy-Coated Fennel Seeds

seme di finocchio / fennel seedsShort(er) post today, as I am behind schedule. I am really excited for the first time in a while! I am back running again, shaving a few seconds off my turtle mile each day I ran this week. ... more
By Melecotte over 3 years ago

Cookie Cheesecake Cupcakes

How is everyone doing with their resolutions?Myself, I have resolved to finally love my house. We have lived here for 3 years and I don't know if I have really moved in. Yes the walls are painted and ... more
By CalmInTheKitchen over 3 years ago

Cranberry Orange Cake

The funny part about this cake is that it originated from a day dream. I was dreaming of a beautiful cranberry studded, orange scented cake with a luscious glaze of orange and vanilla. When I got up this morning it was about making that day dream a reality. So with the right ingredients and a lot of luck I think ... more
By GoodThingsCatered over 3 years ago

Oatmeal Caramel Squares with Salted Cashews and M&M’s

I want to get rid of the excess Halloween candy around here before the next round of holiday treats hits. Who wants to celebrate Hallogivingxmasvtines Day? Ok honestly, it might be fun to throw a crazy party in March with all the accumulated garbage. I could start ... more
By TheCookingPhotographer over 3 years ago

Scary Good Cupcakes

Unfortunately there is no big dinner party, event, or fun story behind these little cupcakes. I found these darling pumpkin sprinkles at the store and had to make something with them. And with Halloween just around the corner, this was the perfect time. What better than cupcakes? I was thinking pumpkin with maple, spice with blackberry, all I ... more
By GoodThingsCatered over 3 years ago

Raspberry Buttermilk Cake

J and her daughter V decided to host the first Annual Whalley Range Cherry Berry Festival at their house yesterday. As the name says, it was all about celebrating cherries and berries and the abundance of great fruit that's around at the moment. Everyone invited was asked to bring along a treat and the table nearly collapsed under the weight ... more
By APotofTeaandaBiscuit over 3 years ago

Milk & Cookies

Simple. Just the way I like it. Normally, if I want chocolate chip cookies, it's due to an immediate craving for chocolate. Resulting in the purchase and preparation of a package of break and bake chocolate chip cookies. That's right I don't even bother with ... more
By Bakerella over 3 years ago

Warning - I Gots Me Some Brownies

...ok I lied. I don't have these brownies anymore because I made them last week to take over a friend's house. A group of us have been hanging out more and more lately, so I decided I wanted to bring some treats over so I'm not showing up at my friend's house empty-handed. I asked for requests, and one was ... more
By ChocolateMoosey over 3 years ago

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RT @GeoffLloyd: Oi! Walder! Club soda and salt is the best thing for getting a bloodbath out of your castle floor #GameOfThrones view
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