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The Best Of Memories


   After a long much needed pause….. Noshtalgia is getting ready to take another trip down memory lane and retell the stories and share the recipes of people past and present. Before we move forward, I thought it would be nice to revisit some of the best posts Noshtalgia has shared over the years.

   Our goal is to make today the yesterday that will bring a smile to your face tomorrow one story at a time, one delicious bite at a time…… enjoy and many thanks.

Over the years…….


                              2006 - Italian Pizzelles 
                              2007 - Mimi’s Chicken in Potato Chips
                               2007 - My Afternoon Dunks with Peepa
                               2008 - The Richness in Being Poor
                              2008 - Twenty-One Years Later
                              2009 - Caution…. Women Eating Dessert…. Do Not Disturb
                               2009 - XXX Mimi
                               2010 - Choose Laughter
                               2010 - The Scent of A Woman